Frequently asked questions


What are the OS version supported by Swiich?

You downloaded the Windows version of Swiich. Please make sure your PC is running Windows 8 or 10; If you are running Windows 7, please make sure you have installed Platform update for Windows 7 SP1. More information can be found on the following link: Upon specific request, we are able to deliver iOS, Android and other platforms’ clients

What is the available network needed?

Swiich requires at least 5Mbps available bandwidth. If you see a red or yellow dot on the lower right hand of your screen, this means your network is not fulfilling minimal this minimal requirement, either in terms of bandwidth or packet loss. This is generally due to your Wi-Fi connection and we recommend to migrate to 5GHz Wi-Fi hotspots. You can also choose your network adjustments with “Automatic bandwidth” or manually select your network quality and redundancy options. We are still improving these functionalities.

What should i do if my PC is running on batteries?

When your PC is running on batteries, graphic options are often disabled to save power thus slowing down Swiich decoding and making our software not run properly. Please make sure that all graphic decoding options are enabled in your control panel.

How to i switch from window to full screen mode?

Press "alt" + "enter" keyrs and Swiich will switch from window to full screen mode.

During a game, "Enter" key becomes inactive

Some Windows focus related issues can cause the "enter" key to become inactive in Swiich. Press the “alt” key a couple of times to resolve this minor issue.

Swiich fails to start my game

Some firewalls can block some data and prevent Swiich from starting. Please contact your network administrator to find more about your firewall settings.

Why should i give detailes feedback at the end of my game?

Feedback is essential for us to improve Swiich. It is therefore important for you to give as detailed feedback as possible with a short description of your configuration (network provider and configuration, including Wi-Fi, and PC used). We will make our best to solve the issues you may encounter.

How can i get Swiich performance indicators?

It is possible to display Swiich performance parameters during a game. When you launch your game, keep the “left shift” key pressed until your game starts. Performance parameters are displayed on the top left of your screen and have the following meaning:
- i: Number of inputs / outputs buffered in Swiich
- a: Audio buffer on the client side (in milliseconds)
- v: Number of frames eventually buffered at the client side (arrived and not yet displayed)
- t: Time in milliseconds
- fps: Frame Per Second (number of FPS the game is running on the server)
- f: Frame number
- vrt: Round Trip (in milliseconds) : Time between a mouse/keyboard input -> network -> game server (game time not taken into account) -> Image compression -> network -> image decompression for display (should be around 100 milliseconds on real networks - number is calculated every 3 seconds and varies depending on the image nature)
- i: number of keyboard inputs buffered
- b: bitrate (number of bits going through the network = amount of bandwidth used)
- pl: number of packets lost
- pr: number of packets received

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